• The applicant will not be admitted in any circumstances without completing the admission form.
  • After the completion of admission applicant will join classes regularly with concerned centre and follow the rules and regulation followed by the institution and Global Foundation.
  • The computer programme of the foundation is totally free means no tution fee has to be deposited but some nominal charges like examination,study material and practical and assignment fee are compulsory for each student.
  • If student fails to deposit the above compulsory fee,he/she will not be permitted to attend the classes as well as examination.
  • If any student fails to get 75% attendance in theory as well as practical classes,he/she will not be allowed to attend the examination and fee will not be refunded in any circumstances.
  • At the end of selected course the student shall be awarded by the mentioned certificate after successful completion of the course through examination (theory/practical/oral) conducted b the Foundation.
  • The charges of examination, study materialand practical and assignment shall not be returned to any candidate in any circumstances.